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Farm & Field Fence (See Photo's tab for more pictures.)

Farm and Field fences are generally used in an agricultural type setting for containing animals or as property borders. Below is just a sampling of the types of fence we can offer. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us as we can provide a vast variety of fence options for you. Also please see the Farm & Field Fence Photos tab for a greater sampling of pictures.
Horse Rail / Flex Fence
Flex Fence is vinyl coated hi-tensile fence. It is one of the safest equine fences available. This fence flexes on impact and doesn't break like PVC Rail fences will. When installed correctly, this fence needs very little maintenance and will look great for years. The fence comes in white, brown, or black. You can get coated wire, hot coated wire, 1", 4", 4.25" with hot top, 5" and 6" widths.
Mesh Field Fence
You can get a variety of mesh fences to contain your animals. 2x4 squares are generally called no climb or safety mesh. The smaller squares makes it difficult to climb keeping your animals in and predators out. You can also get graduated squares which start with 3" squares and depending on the height graduate to 8". There are also fences that have even spacing.  Depending on the use of mesh fence, we often recommend a top rail board on the wire or hot wire on top to keep the animals from leaning over the top and pushing down on the mesh.
Hi-Tensile / Barbed / Barbless Wires
Hi-tensile is a smooth wire with a high breaking strength that is stretched on wooden posts. Wire & posts must be installed correctly in order to keep the corner posts from pulling inward from the tension. You can put t-posts in-between the wooden posts mostly for visual barrier.
Barbed Wire and Barbless Wire are very similar with the exception that barbed wire has sharp barbs on the wire. Because of the barbs there is an increased risk of livestock injury. However, this is a viable option to keep predators out or as exclusion fences. This type of wire does not have the breaking strength of hi-tensile, therefore does not stretch as tightly on the posts.
Wood Rail Fences
Wood rail fences can either be board fences or split rail. Board fences have a smooth uniform look. We recommend 2" x 6" rails to keep the rails from sagging. Split rail fences have a rough look to them. The rails slide into holes in the posts.  
PVC Rail Fences
PVC rail fences are a beautiful, crisp, visible option when considering pasture or border fences. However, PVC fence can break or crack upon impact. Generally we recommend a hotwire on the inside of the rail to keep livestock away from the fence.
Continuous Metal Rail Fences / Pipe & Rail Fence
Continuous metal rail fences are made of a tube steel panels that slide together to create a continuous look. The panels are mounted on wood posts. 
Pipe and Rail Fence is an all metal option with the posts also being metal.
Deer Fence
Deer fence can be constructed to either keep deer out or in. It is at least 8' high. Generally it is constructed of wood posts and field or some type of mesh fabric. However, chain link is another option.
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