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Residential Fence (See Photos tab for more pictures)
Residential fences have a variety of uses. They can be to mark property borders or other borders, to keep children or animals more easily contained and safe, for privacy, for pool safety, for decorative purposes, etc. Below is a sampling of the types of fences. You can also see a variety of samples in our Residential Fence Photos Tab. If you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know. We can do a vast variety of fences and custom fences.
Privacy fence is generally 5' to 6' in height but can be any height. However, most cities require a variance for anything above 6' high. Privacy fence has a solid construction so there is a visual barrier. It can be constructed of wood or maintenance free products.
Semi Privacy
Semi privacy is similar to the privacy fence however, there are spaces to allow for air and slight visibility. These fences can also be constructed of wood, maintenance free products, or chain link with slats.
Picket Fence
Picket fences are generally 4' high, however can be any height you would like them to be. They can have pointed, flat, or rounded tops. Picket fences generally have spaces between each picket, but can be constructed board on board. These fences can be constructed of wood, maintenance free products, aluminum or other metal. 
Chain Link
Chain link is a mesh fabric stretched on metal posts. Standard chain link is 12-1/2 gauge, but can also be purchased in 9 gauge. Galvanized chain link is silver and is commonly used. Vinyl coated chain link is another common option and is available in black, brown and green. The mesh has no real visual barrier. However, slats can be installed through the mesh to add a visual barrier if desired. The slats come in a variety of color options. 
Decorative fences can be used strictly for their beauty or as a back drop. They are often seen in gardens with plants growing through them, on them, or in front of them, along driveways or property borders. They can be constructed out of wood, metal, or maintenance free products.
Pool Fence
Pool fences are put in place to keep people from accidently falling into your pool. Different areas have different ordinances, but generally a pool fence has to be 5' or 6' in height. Most places require the gates to have safety latches installed on them. Pool fences can be privacy, semi private or picket style fences. They can be constructed of aluminum or other metals, wood, maintenance free products, or chain link.
Border Fence
A border fence can be any type of fence. It is used to designate the border of something whether it be the properties border, garden border, walkway border, etc.
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